Hedeman Drafts Harris Ranch Bull for $10K Bounty

World Champion Bull Rider JW Harris attempts 487 Jake Brake, Rafter J Ranch 

World Champion Bull Rider JW Harris attempts 487 Jake Brake, Rafter J Ranch 

Red Wilk Construction Tuff Hedeman Bull Bash presented by the SD State Fair

By Leigh Ann Schroeder

A Jake Brake is an invaluable, extra tool primarily used for slowing down a big rig or heavy equipment in certain situations. 

With over 60 bucking bulls arriving in Huron today, four-time World Champion and Pro Rodeo Hall of Famer Tuff Hedeman asked that one be separated from the herd when he unloads off the Harris Ranch livestock trailer at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds.

The Bounty Bull is the highlight of the first performance of the annual Red Wilk Construction Tuff Hedeman Bull Bash. The bull rider with the highest score on night one earns the opportunity to attempt the hand-picked bull and if he makes the 8 Second whistle he will stand in front of the grandstands and accept a $10,000 check from bull riding icon Tuff Hedeman.

On his hip for identification is firebrand number 487 and in his ear a tag with his name, Jake Brake. Up for grabs, $10,000 to the bull rider who can make the 8-second whistle while still on his back Wednesday night as the first performance of the Red Wilk Construction Tuff Hedeman Bull Bash gets underway at 8 pm at the South Dakota State Fair.

“This bull is a businessman that knows his job,” said Jeff Harris, owner, chauffer, and trainer of the four-legged athlete.

In the similar style of the patented truck component, the four-year-old bull, owned by partners Jeff Harris and Lowell Clay, is gaining a reputation for slowing down cowboys.  On his list of fallen opponents - Ricky Aguiar, Koby Radley, and World Champion JW Harris.  

According to Harris, a Texas bull-man who has earned several industry titles including World Champion Bull Team Owner and Stock Contractor of the year, early arrival is key to giving the bucking bull athletes time to rest and recover from the 17 hour trip from Palestine.

Sounds easy right, how hard can it be to hold on for 8 seconds?                                                             

According to the professional bull riders that have tried him, the unridden bull is known for not just leaving, but exploding out of the bucking chutes with two big moves – he then goes airborne as he “turns back”. “That happens so fast there is no hesitation by the animal from one or two leaps to the bucking motion.

Many bull riders have left the arena scratching their heads trying to figure out how to stay on him for the required 8 seconds, and a few would love a second try.

Former International Finals Youth Rodeo World Champion, Koby Radley, drew him last year in Cheyenne and had this to say about the experience.

Koby Radley and Tuff Hedeman

Koby Radley and Tuff Hedeman

“Well I didn’t have a very good shot at him because he broke my nose in the chutes, but what I remember was he was very fast and had forward movement to him. I think if someone can make it around the corner they could ride him - but getting to the corner will be the hardest part,” said Radley a top 20 ranked PRCA bull rider.

“He was strong and a little long out there before he turned back, but all in he is the perfect bucking bull...big and strong, bucks hard and nothing trashy to him,” said another rider.

It is no doubt 487 Jake Brake bucks, he hails from the bloodline of PRCA Bucking Bull of the National Finals Rodeo, #55 Gunslinger and sports the Ace of Spades Ranch brand. Harris purchased the bull as a two-year-old when the previous owners thought he was not going to succeed on the competitive two-year-old futurity circuits which use a dummy on their back as they grow into the rider stage. Harris gambled on him with the intention to develop him into a rider bull as he matured, but when Harris bucked him for the first time he saw his potential and decided with patience and time he would make a great bucking bull. A green pasture and all the feed Jeff could buy was indeed the secret to his success.


“He’s very timid behind the scenes, but explosive out of the chutes, he bucks hard every time, but is easier to handle now and hauls well, he has adjusted to the lights and music of the show very well for a young bull,” said Harris.

You can see Jake Brake at the Red Wilk Construction Tuff Hedeman Bull Bash on August 29-30. Immediately following the bull riding, fans will get a chance to meet and get autographs from Tuff Hedeman and the bull riders. Tickets for the two-day event are on sale now and start at $12 for youth and $20 for adults. Tickets available in either grandstand reserved seating area or the standing room area located in the party pit.  They can be purchased at the SD State Fair Office, or by calling (605) 353-7340, or online at https://www.etix.com/ticket/v/12046/south-dakota-state-fair.

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