Hedeman Taps Bantering Backflip Johnny for Red Wilk Construction Bull Bash Barrelman


 2019 Red Wilk Construction Bull Bash

Tuff Hedeman Bull Riding Tour

HURON, South Dakota - Tuff Hedeman announced today that Backflip Johnny Dudley, a retired U.S. Marine sergeant, will debut as the barrel man in both performances of the Red Wilk Construction Bull Bash, August 28 – 29, in Huron, South Dakota as the THBRT kicks off the South Dakota State Fair.

“Johnny’s probably one of the hottest talents in time-honored western entertainment, his quick wit and off the cuff banter is headed to Huron.,” said 5-time World Champion and Pro Rodeo Hall of Famer Tuff Hedeman.

Dudley is a highly decorated clown who has been chosen twice for the Turquoise Circuit Finals rodeo, five times for the PRCA's All American Finals, and nominated twice for PRCA Comedy Act of the Year is known for his athletics and finding time for every kid and fan on the grounds.

But as impressive as what Dudley has done in the arena, is what he did before entering the rodeo world.

Dudley, a professional clown on the rodeo and bull riding circuits since 2000, spent eight years as a United State Marine.  While Johnny's path was unconventional, it was Johnny's mom that guided him to his eight years as a United States Marine. After reaching Sargent status and serving in Kosovo, he received an honorable discharge to pursue his advanced degree in International Business.


“I saw a rodeo clown act while serving as a United States Marine and thought he was funny and cool. I went up to him and asked about it.  I wanted to try it, and when I got out of the Marines I moved back to Dayton I found a local practice rodeo arena where I could learn the craft, and next thing you know, here we are 19 years later, and I'm still doing it," said Dudley about getting his start in pro rodeo.

Hands down the favorite part of being a rodeo clown for former U.S. Marine is putting smiles on people’s faces.

“Everyone in this world has problems going on in their life. Whether its money, loss of family, cancer, and at a rodeo that person might be sitting next to someone with no problems, if I can make both of them seem like the same person for just that two hours, it makes it worth it,” said Dudley from behind the chutes in Nebraska.


Athletic ability separates Dudley from the field of clowns.  Nicknamed Johnny Backflip Dudley that specific skill separated the newcomer into the established, generational, and crowded field of clowns and specialty acts.

"The athletic ability to do backflips while fighting bulls and jumping over bulls is what makes me unique I guess, no one expected that from the barrel man,” continued Dudley.

According to Dudley, in addition to athletics, Dudley has improved in other areas as well. Honing his skills on the road over the previous 19 years, Dudley says his timing has improved.

“In rodeo, you have to learn to work both ends…I know when to say what and I understand production, so I am not in the way,” laughed the Dayton, Texas native.

Dudley’s claims his knowledge of production stems from moonlighting as a rodeo announcer.

“When I started rodeoing for a living I worked some as a clown, and I announced some too, I really did not know which way I wanted to go. I believe that announcing experience helps me be a better clown. If the announcer is struggling I can jump in…or out.”

Looking forward to working in Huron for the first time, Dudley explains how he got the job.

Production manager Chris Rankin has called me before, but the scheduling never worked out. I do not know Tuff personally, but his reputation for top production is well-known.

 “I met Tuff in 2006 at an Extreme Bulls competition, and that was the only time I met him. I am looking forward to working with the production team at his events. He has the reputation of good money, great bull riders, announcers and the top people of their field - which makes a very nice environment to work in,” said Dudley.

Dudley invites you to his debut performance on the Tuff Hedeman Bull Riding tour where Red Wilk, Tuff and the team of great bull riders and crew guarantee they will help you forget about your problems and laugh and have fun for two hours.

“If I can accomplish that, it’s absolutely my favorite part.”

The Red Wilk Construction Bull Bash will be held at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds, 1060 3rd St. SW.  Tickets are on sale. Tickets are $12 for youth and $20 for adults and are available by calling 866-605-FAIR, or online www.sdstatefair.com. A list of contestants will be available at a later date.

For more information on the Red Wilk Construction Bull Bash contact Leigh Ann Schroeder 940.902.1112, tuffhedemanpr@gmail.com. Follow us on Facebook (Tuff Hedeman) and Instagram Gram @TuffHedemanOfficial, and Tuff Hedeman Bull Riding Website.