National Finals Rodeo Qualifier Profile Trevor Kastner

NFR Qualifier Trevor Kastner

Bull Riding

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30-year-old bull rider Trevor Kastner from Roff, Oklahoma, is now a four-time qualifier for the National Finals Rodeo (2011-13, 2018) and known to many people for a variety of reasons.

"My goal each year is to make it to the NFR, and a little more luck came my way this year, I didn't do anything different, and it feels good," said Kastner taking a break from ranch work to talk.

To NFR trivia enthusiasts, Trevor is remembered for his record-setting earnings performance at the 2012 NFR where he won $58, 895 as the only qualified score in the “rank pen” of buckers in round 9. In talking about the rule that is now in place at the NFR where all that money would have counted, he said:

“I like the change, any money you win there (NFR) should count towards the standings, its earned.”

To rodeo fans, he is the one that led the bull riding standings after a strong winter run this year winning the Southwestern Expo and Livestock Show in Fort Worth, the second time in his career, on Feb. 3 earning $12,655.

“Not sure why I win in Fort Worth, the format may be, its two longs and a short," said Kastner.  

Two weeks later he led San Antonio thru the first two rounds eventually pocketing $17,613 for a top 3 finish.

To eight-month-old McKenna Mae, he is Daddy.

“It worked out great, she was born when I was home between the long pen rounds and the semifinals,” laughed Kastner. 

To Kate, he is the husband who fought hard to get back to the NFR this year after finishing 16th in 2016 and 23rd in 2017.

Today, Trevor is a member of the rodeo elite that will take center arena in Las Vegas for the 2018 National Finals Rodeo on December 6.

The Rest of the Story

Citing a family to support, Kastner has declared he has many reasons to celebrate 2018 as he heads back to Vegas for the fourth time in the bull riding, but the first time since 2013.

The Roff, Oklahoma resident recovered from a bull riding accident in March where he recovered from a laceration of the liver, six broken ribs, and concussion after bucking off Beutler and Son Tombstone in Austin which sidelined him from competition for over eight weeks.

"The bull turned back in the gate to the left, and when he threw me off it slapped my head against the ground, it dazed me pretty good, and before I could get up, he came back around and stepped on me around my stomach. I got (bucked off) quick, and I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I had never been on that bull before. He was a young bull, I didn't know who he was."

But it was not the first time he left Austin injured. If you are wondering where Trevor was in 2014, he broke a bone in his hand that is considered the slowest healing bone in the body and that break sidelined him for the rest of the year.

"I tried to come back too early and rode in Reno, it wasn't healed, and I was out again," said Kastner. 

The Odds

Competing in approximately 60 rodeos this season, Kastner’s lifetime profile would indicate he likes “big time” rodeos where he rides and finishes strong.  Kastner’s 2018 highlights include winning four rodeo championship titles, including placing third at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

“I think my best bull ride all year was in Austin on Yellow Fever to win a round,” recalled Kastner.


Statistically, Kastner is even in Las Vegas odds, riding 4 out of 10 bulls all three times he has competed at the NFR. 

Kastner debut in Las Vegas in 2011 and finished 12th in the world standings with $101,202.

Kastner’s best PRCA finish was in 2012 when he won two rounds and placed in three rounds, finished fifth in the PRCA world standings, and third in the NFR average with $80,096 in Vegas for grand total earnings of $168,553.

In 2013 he won round 6 and tied round 9, placed in one other round to finish eighth in the world standings with $129,434.

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While Kastner’s lifetime earnings are in excess of 659,00 in pro rodeo he has probably rounded the corner and is a member of the million dollar bull riding club after competing in several bull riding only organizations.

In bull riding only competitions, he has competed in Tuff Hedeman’s legendary Fort Worth Challenge, finished in top 3 in Del Rio, ridden in PBR competitions, and advanced to the finals at the 2011 CBR World Finals where he finished seventh.

He plans to stay in shape for the next few months helping his Dad, a former saddle bronc competitor, ride colts at the ranch and maybe will get on some practice bulls closer to NFR time. Kastner expects his entire family to join and cheer him on in Las Vegas.